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Dust Suppression


TRANS SEAL I is a dust suppressant and soil stabilizer designed to control airborne particulate emissions caused by windblown dust, construction activity, and open container hauling. TRANS SEAL I is a non-toxic, water-soluble, polyvinyl emulsion that acts as a “binder”, forming a crust over the treated surface proving effective for the long-term stabilization of fugitive dust emissions and the prevention of surface erosion. TRANS SEAL I is more effective and environmentally friendly than traditional salt-based dust suppressants (i.g. MgCl2) which are ineffective in climates with low relative humidity and have come under increased environmental and regulatory scrutiny.

Airborne Particulate and Fugitive Dust

TRANS SEAL I stops fugitive dust emissions (PM10 and PM2.5), conserves water resources, and eliminates the need for continuous treatment. Application of TRANS SEAL I will save money by eliminating the need for dedicated personnel to manage site dust issues, improve safety through the mitigation of visibility-related incidents and respiratory-related illnesses, and will not harm humans or the environment.

Soil Stabilization

TRANS SEAL I stabilizes areas subject to constant traffic and heavy hauling by creating a smooth, firm, durable surface. This decreases road maintenance (like blading, watering and gravel replacement) and equipment costs. TRANS SEAL I increases load bearing strengths of treated soils to meet California Bearing Ratio (CBR) requirements and has proven effective at maintaining the integrity of soils subject to extreme weights and weather conditions.

Cost Benefits

TRANS SEAL I can substantially reduce the costs associated with dust suppression and erosion control by:

  • Reducing the need for blading, watering, and gravel replacement
  • Reducing vehicle maintenance costs by lowering the levels of dust that clogs filters, bearings, and machinery
  • Producing a smooth, firm driving surface which increases productivity, decreases fuel consumption, saves time, and minimizes replacement costs of suspension drive lines and tires
  • Preventing costly soil erosion caused by destructive wind conditions or heavy rain
  • Minimizing the cost of cleaning and protects value of vehicles, equipment, property, vegetation, and living sites
  • Reduces replacement expenses of windshields by controlling gravel spray
  • Protecting pasture land and improving crop production and quality

How others have applied TRANS SEAL I

Trans Seal's non-toxic, water-soluble properties make it a great candidate for many different applications.

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