Our Leadership

Greg Broda, President

Fluid Tech is led by Mr. Greg Broda (CHMM), Chief Executive Officer and owner, who has worked with Fluid Tech products since 1995 and headed acquisition of the company in 2013. In his 25-year career, Mr. Broda has held executive level positions in the radioactive waste industry in both business development and operations at several companies, including EnergySolutions, NUKEM and Waste Control Specialists. at companies specializing in the delivery of radioactive waste treatment systems and the implementation of processing technologies throughout the world. He is considered an expert in the field of radioactive and mixed waste stabilization/solidification, having successfully developed treatment formulations for both the DOE and commercial nuclear clients. Mr. Broda earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from Vanderbilt University and graduate studies in chemical engineering from the University of Tennessee.

Dr. Mark Denton, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Mark Denton is a world renown expert with over 40 years of process engineering, equipment manufacturing and technology implementation experiences in the radioactive waste/wastewater treatment and management industry. He has held executive positions and led technology development and deployment initiatives for some of the largest and most successful radioactive waste management companies in the world. Dr. Denton earned a M.S and Ph.D in nuclear chemistry from Cincinnati University and is the inventor or co-inventor of 12 patents. As Fluid Tech’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Denton provides oversight of technical specification compliance, applied technologies, and new process development.

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